Wing Prayer

Enjoy the inspirational words to the Wing Prayer. These online, free words can be printed and used to create a personalised book of Prayers. Add to your collection of printable prayers which are suitable for different occasions. You will find the words provide comfort and are inspirational, spiritual and joyful.


Wing Prayer

We hope that the following words of the Wing Prayer will provide spiritual comfort and inspiration. Remember that these online, inspirational words can be printed and used to create a personalised Book of Prayers.

Wing Prayer
Celebrate the mighty Child

Bridle of colts untamed,
Over our will presiding;
Wing of unwandering birds,
Our flight securely guiding.

Rudder of youth unbending,
Firm against adverse shock;
Shepherd, with wisdom tending
Lambs of the royal flock;

Thy simple children bring
In one, that they may sing
In solemn lays
Their hymns of praise
With guileless lips to Christ the King.

King of saints, almighty Word
Of the Fatherís highest Lord;
Wisdomís head and chief;
Assuagement of all grief;
Lord of all time and space,
Jesus, Savior of our race;

Shepherd, who dost us keep;
Husbandman, who tillest,
Bit to restrain us, Rudder
To guide us as Thou willest;
Of the all-holy flock celestial wing;

Fisher of men, whom Thou to life dost bring;
From evil sea of sin,
And billowy strife,
Gathering pure fishes in,
Caught with sweet bait of life:

Lead us, Shepherd of the sheep,
Reason-gifted, holy One;
King of youths, whom Thou dost keep,
So that they pollution shun:

Steps of Christ, celestial Way;
Word eternal, Age unending;
Life that never can decay;
Fount of mercy, virtue-sending;
Life august of those who raise
Unto God their hymn of praise,
Jesus Christ!

Nourished by the milk of heaven,
To our tender palates given;
Milk of wisdom from the breast
Of that bride of grace expressed;
By a dewy spirit filled
From fair Reasonís breast distilled;
Let us sucklings join to raise
With pure lips our hymns of praise
As our grateful offering,
Clean and pure, to Christ our King.
Let us, with hearts undefiled,
Celebrate the mighty Child.

A hymn of Clement of Alexandria

Wing Prayer

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Wing Prayer


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Wing Prayer for Spiritual inspiration in healing anxiety and depression during times of trouble and celebrating joyful events in times of happiness.